31st May 2017 - Comey's ready to go again, the UK election is getting interesting and Trump considers screwing the environment.

30th May 2017 - The White House trims the fat, Germany goes it alone, and James has a look inside the world of The Kush.

26th May 2017 - Montana elect a thug, Trump talks climate change and James looks at the Russian connection.

25th May 2017 - A politician punches a journalist, Ben Carson is in a strange state of mind, and James looks at Trumps trip to NATO.

24th May 2017 - Trump meets a very unhappy Pope, the budget looks set to urinate on the poor, and James has a look at Food Stamps.

23rd May 2017 - James shares a heart felt tribute to his home town the day after the Manchester terrorist attack.

22nd May 2017 - Instant Karma gets everyone, Trump goes to a wall and James speaks with an American accent.

The best bits from the last 30 days of So This Happened, a greatest hits if you will.

19th May 2017 - Trump goes on a trip, Jared and Ivanka have gone missing and James has a look at just what could go wrong for Trump on his magical mystery tour.

18th May 2017 - Trump goes on a Witchhunt, James sticks up for the little guy, and Daddy Pence swears he knows nothing.

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