30th June 2017 - Five things you never knew, but thanks to conservative talk radio now you do, the NRA releases a terrying call to arms, and Trump is in another Twitter war.

28th June 2017 - Apparently every piece of news is fake, Spicer's evil twin gets yelled at, and James comes up with some of his own prototypes for Trumps Mexican Wall.

27th June 2017 - Paul Ryan talks nonsense, James says "Revise don't Repeal" the ACA, Trump Vader steals a tweet, and this episode is dedicated to Bobby Koller whose life was cut short yesterday.

26th June 2017 - Ladies and gentlemen...the queen of comedy...Kellyanne Conway...also Trump gets his ban, and a lady tries to open a plane door in mid flight.

23rd June 2017 - Donald denies there are tapes again, Melania clicks her heels 3 times, and James has another look at the GOP Health Care Plan.

22nd June 2017 - The Queen gets busted for not wearing her seatbelt, Trump has a massive Twitter breakdown, and the new GOP Healthcare Bill is released.

21st June 2017 - Why do the Democrats keep losing? James looks at the GA06 election and tries to find out why it went the way it did.

20th June 2017 - A man hangs his baby out of a window, love is shared to Otto's family, Georgia decides, and James gives an economics lesson for idiots.

19th June 2017 -  The Kush finally speaks, Georgia goes to the polls, guns don't kill people spoons do, and another terrorist runs people down.

16th June 2017 - Trump bans Cuban cigars, the awful truth about coconut oil, Trump goes on a massive tweet storm, and James digs deep for some good news.

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