31st July 2017 - A tribute to Sam Shepherd, Kelly is in....Priebus is out, Scaramucci is back on the unemployment line, and James looks at BREXIT.

28th July 2017 - Donald Trump shows his "artistic" side, John McCain saves the day, some Democrats clap their hands, and James looks at the sad case of Charlie Gard.

27th July 2017 - It's OK to wear a dress in the army again, a shark beats Michael Phelps, Viagra is big in the army, and James looks at what #MAGA means.

26th July 2017 - James looks at ways to increase your sperm count, Donald holds a rally, and the army no longer wants you.

25th July 2017 - The lawn of the White House turns into a conservative circus, Donald Trump talks to some boy scouts and the was a vote to see if the Senator's want to talk to each other.

24th July 2017 - A teddy bear speaks from beyond the grave, Jared sticks up for his wife's daddy, and Trump has another Twitter meltdown.

21st July 2017 - Sean Spicer's greatest hits are reviewed, Dali's moustache is alive and kicking, the Beeb is banned in China and a kid invents a device to stop kids from dying in hot cars.

20th July 2017 - OJ is getting out of prison, and then Trump opens up to his enemy, the Fake News Media......excuses follow.

19th July 2017 - Medical waste in ice cream, The President hosts the Repulicans for Chocolate Cake, and James looks at how Donald Trump became the Evangelical Christ.

18th July 2017 - Fox News is exited to find a crooked Muslim cop, Trump tells a porky pie, then he tells another, and then another, and the GOP Healthcare Bill fails...again.

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