31st August 2017 - A Policeman admits to only killing black people, Donald Trump talks taxes and then disagrees with himself, and James pats himself on the back for 100 episodes.

30th August 2017 - Celebrities pour donations on the victims of Hurricane Harvey, the heavens pour water on the victims of Hurricane Harvey, James looks at why the police should not look like soldiers, and Trump is ramping up his tax reform plans.

29th August 2017 - Sean Spicer finally meets the man of his dreams, James rips a Texas preacher a new one, and Donald Trump holds a rally in Texas looking rather fetching in his new hat.

28th August 2017- Hurricane Harvey smashes into Texas, Trump bans transgender people from fighting for their country, and Sheriff Joe is free.

25th August 2017 - Taylor Swift has a bad day, a duck mum no longer loves Trump, Alabama hates the rainbow flag, and Harvey is coming to the US.

24th August 2017 - Jon Snow dislikes Facebook, a lady wins a lot of money, the best place to watch the ecplipse was in a plane, and Trump wants to shut down his government.

23rd August 2017 - Hillary Clinton calls Donald Trump a creep, then Donald Trump calls everyone in the media creeps, only to make it look like he is the creep...again.

22nd August 2017 - A lovely lady makes fun of the poor, and Trump's polls are dipping 20,000 leagues under the sea.

21st August 2017 - Everyone stares at the sun, James has a look at why Bannon may have left the White House, a tribute to Jerry Lewis and the Sercret Service is going broke.

18th August 2017 - Steve Bannon has been fired, your racist uncle visits, Trump talks wine, and Thank god it's Friday.

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