28th September 2017 - An ass destroys a very expensive car, Hugh Heffner has died, good vibes are sent to Julia, James looks at the case of Otto Warmbier and how different accounts contradict each other, and Jared is a woman.

27th September 2017 - The Republicans have a new tax plan, big cuts everywhere, but no mention of how it's going to be paid for, Donald Trump backs the loser in the Alabama Senate race, James rips apart the winner, Mr. Moore.

26th September 2017 - Donald Trump is still mad about the NFL, Jeff Sessions weighs in on the NFL as well (don't laugh), and women can drive in Saudi now.

25th September 2017 - We are now apparently at war with N. Korea, NFL players kneel on Sunday, Trump gets angry on Friday and uses the B word (That's bitch, if you were unsure).

21st September 2017 - Melania talks about bullying in a weird outfit, Donald is getting a new massive Air Force One, a new Country is discovered in Africa, and there is going to be a massive party at Brigham Young University...#drinkcoke

20th September 2017 - Hillary is the reason N. Korea has nukes, Trump is tweeting like a fool, and healthcare is under attack...again.

19th September 2017 - Melania sues a small English language school in Croatia, Mexico is hit by another powerful earthquake, Trump threatens the "Rocketman", Macron speaks to Trump, and #ISTANDWITHPP

18th September 2017 - Sex doll rentals are a no go, Donald Trump is speaking at the UN, and Alabama once again shows how to be a redneck state.

September 15, 2017

Episode 109 - ISIS Ruins Friday

15th September 2017 - ISIS ruin Friday with a bomb in London, the British PM is annoyed with Donald Trump, the President wants Muslims banned again, people are burning their MAGA hats, and a man doesn't know he's a millionaire.

14th September 2017 - A man wants the public to pay for his honeymoon, a doctor takes an unfortunate photograph, the dinner party from hell, and what exactly does Donald Trump think about the Dreamers?

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