31st October 2017 - Minority kids being chased by a Republican in a pick up, Trump has further damning words for George, Kelly takes up his own "both sides" argument, and NASA releases some seriously scary shit.

30th October 2017 - Manafort and Gates face 12 indictments in Russia Investigation, George Papadopoulos says he's guilty and the White House says he's nobody, the world premiere of the Papadopoulos theme song, and Kevin Spacey comes out and no one is happy.

27th October 2017 - JFK report released, Trump blames Hillary for winning election, Spain has a problem and a lady has been found after 42 years.

26th October 2017 - James looks at why Donald Trump's Mexican wall will not have any effect on the opiod epidemic sweeping the US, the White House spends millions on new furntiture, and DHS Agents stalk a little girl in the hospital.

24th October 2017 - Bill O'Oreilly picks a fight with God, Trumpy Bear arrives, there's a Corker of a fight brewing, and the Trump boys open a new hotel...

20th October 2017 - Putin says that Trump should be respected, James gets mad at videographers who hate gays, and Donald Trump takes on the United Kingdom.

19th October 2017 - The Nazi's invade Florida, a man walks a long way for a kidney, George W gives an unexpected speech, Tom Hanks opens up about Harvey, and James looks at the connection between politicians and big Pharma.

18th October 2017 - Canada pays tribute to the fallen rock hero Gord Downie, Donald Trump makes an insensitive phone call, then he flip-flops on a new healthecare bill, and California bans puppy mills.

17th October 2017 - A state of emergency is declared in Florida because of Nazis, a robot can check your breasts for cancer, and Donald Trump has a hard time making a phone and then blames Obama.

16th October 2017 - A congressional hopeful is abducted by little green men, Trump and McConnel are now BFF's, the EPA is ending the war on coal, and Weinstein is still a f**khead. #metoo

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