28th November 2017 - More Royal Wedding news and why Meg won't be a Princess, two cops in Canada are idiots, Eric Trump sticks up for daddy and fails, and Roy Moore is still denying that he's a pervert.

27th November 2017 - A look back at the last week, a Royal Wedding is coming the President apparently has a body double who likes to grab lady bits, Trump meets some Indians....erm Native Americans, and Melania is mad at Vanity Fair.

17th November 2017 - The Department of Defense tweets that the President should resign, Trump Jr. and Eric are over the moon that they can now kill elephants and bring bits of them back to the States, Trump is fake outraged about Al Franken, and a Giant Panda gives power.


15th November 2017 - Trump saves basketball players from prison and then demands a thank you, coal miners have a new man to save them from danger, Sessions has a hard time recalling, and hats off to Cards Against Humanity.

Monday 13th November 2017 - McConnel agrees that Roy Moore is a pervert, #me@14 is trending, Trump talks jibberish about Russia, and the President of the Phillipines sings a song to Donald.

10th November 2017 - Roy Moore is in deep shit, Alabama GOP compares Mary and Joseph to sexual predators, Trump celebrates Vietnam War in Vietnam, and James shares two pieces of awesome Friday news.

9th November 2017 - Donald Trump changes his tune on China, Roy Moore is a pervert, a Transgender person destroys Virginia's "Homophobe in Chief", and the Presidents pick for environmental advisor has been sucking up too much CO2.

6th November 2017 - Rand Paul is assaulted, Fox News broke the law in the UK, a lady is fired for giving the Prez the bird, and James looks at the shooting in Texas and why Republicans can't acknowledge that guns are to blame for such shootings.

3rd November 2017 - The Presidents Twitter account goes down, Trump is off to Asia, climate change is real and caused by us, Ivanka speaks to an empty house and a man learns how to put make up on his wife.

2nd November 2017 - Donald Trump calls for the Death Penalty, fossel fuels can prevent sexual assault, and James looks at the new GOP tax plan and who the winners and losers are.

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