14th December 2017 - James takes a look back at the crazy year that was 2017. Trump's Wall, Session's memory, Spicer's wit and fake news. This is the last show until 2018 - Happy Holidays.

13th December 2017 - Doug Jones wins the Alabama Senate race, Roy Moore is a loser, Trump claims he knew Roy Moore was a loser, the GOP pass their Tax Bill quickly before Jones can take his seat, and the FBI share some text messages....oh and DOUG JONES won the election!

12th December 2017 - Trump denies watching television while watching television, a lady with a banana gets sent to prison, Roy Moore is still a child predator with a Jewish Lawyer, Trump attacks accusations of sexual abuse with a tweet containing sexual abuse, and James looks at Net Neutrality.

11th December 2017 - A terrorist attack in NYC, the lies and truth about Roy Moore, and the President's accusers are given voice. 

8th December 2017 - Does the President have dementia?, Roy Moore still has his supporters (one of whom James takes on) and a fat raccoon gets stuck in a drain.

7th December 2017 - Al Franken resigns after allegations he acted the same way as the President and Roy Moore, Trump says Jerusalem is now the Capital of Israel causing mass protests, and is Don Jr. more of an idiot than Eric?

4th December 2017 - Trump takes back Native lands, a lawyer lies for the big man, and taxes, taxes and taxes.