31st January 2018 - A peacock is denied entry to a flight, the memo is to be released, Mel Gibson is making a sequel to The Passion, and James disects the SOTU and fact checks the president.

29th January 2018 - The Germans gas people, Trump doesn't apologize for retweeting racist things, the SOTU is going to be dull and full of fables, and Andrew McCabe steps down from the FBI...tin hats are put on by all.

26th January 2018 - France riots over a Nutella shortage, Trump gives a different message at Davos, there's a new immigration plan and everyone hates it, some FBI agents send some text messages, and James looks at the cow that decided it wasn't.

24th January 2018 - Elton John is retiring, a cat gets very rich, you have a 50% chance of dying, Frankin Graham talks shit, and James looks at the solar industry and the steps the president has taken to destroy it.

22nd January 2018 - It's raining shit in India, UKIP Leader does his best Trump impression, and the Government reopens for a few more days.

19th January 2018 - Donald Trump loves porn stars, but hates sharks, the President speaks at The Right To Life Rally, James has a meltdown, Trump's approval rating slumps again, and a president wishes his wife a happy birthday.

17th january 2018 - According to Trump's doctor he is fit as a fiddle, James takes a brain quiz similar to the President, Jeff Flake compares Donald to Stalin, and we look at all the countries Donald Trump has insulted.

15th January 2018 - We're back! The first episode of 2018, James looks at if the President is a racist in the light of his "shit-hole" comments, Don Lemon weighs in, as does John Lewis and a few others. Here's to a great 2018.