23rd February 2018 - This week was all about guns & Trumps love of them, the president speaks at the CPAC and James breaks it down for you.

19th February 2018 - A man steals a thumb, Fergie kills the national anthem, Don Jr. is heading to Indian (lock up your daughters), and a new star is arising from Florida. Emma Gonzalez challenges the President and wins.

February 16, 2018

Episode 167 - Guns, Guns, Guns

16th February 2018 - Mitt Romney is running for the Senate, Mueller indicts the Russians, and James looks at the issue of gun control after another deadly shooting.

14th February 2018 - Happy Valentines day, Trump's lawyer pays of the porn star, James questions the status of the first lady's parents, and another school shooting. Good vibes to those in Florida today. 

12th February 2018 - James explains what a "man" cold is and why he is suffering, the Obama's portraits are revealed and everyone's a critic, a funny walk gets a man kicked out of a shop, and Donald Trump lays out his budget plan, which is very similar to how a six year old would plan a budget.

5th February 2018 - Trump gets the wrong end of the stick, Nunnes lies on national TV, President says 'no bill unless there is a wall', and Dodge put out a much hated commerical at the super bowl.

2nd February 2018 - The groundhog predicts more winter, a whale speaks and farts, and James breaks down the Republican memo that was released and looks at the possible ramifications of it.