On this week episode:


The dangers of steam power and the folly of the flat earth people.


A new way to "car pool" comes to Florida.


The Romanian Zombie appocolypse could be near...or someone made a mistake.


Put down that coffee, unless of course you want cancer.


Trump breaks a week of silence to talk about how fabulous he is...and the crowd don't seem to be buying it.


The head of the EPA decides the environment isn't really that important and doesn't actually need protecting.




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All music by Charlie in a Box.


23rd March 2018


So This Happened - The weekly news and politics podcast with just the right amount of humor, anger and satire.


This week:

Donald Trump wins by losing.

Rex is replaced. Masters is replaced.

James looks at how the Trump administration has destroyed friendships and families.

We look at whether the idea that undocumented workers are stealing jobs from Americans is true or not.

The Philosopher shares some sage wisdom.


This week we tackle Don Jr.'s divorce, Snoop Dogg's gospel album, Stormy Daniels and her poor choice in men, Rex Tillerson's departure, and Donald Trumps Twitter habits.


Donnie Trump Jr. is getting a divorce and his wife has hired a criminal defense lawyer for the task, double trouble Don.


Snoop Dogg has a new album out and it contains one unforgettable lyric that James has a laugh at.


Could it be that a porn star brings down the Prez? Stormy is geared uo and ready for a fight...she also has a GoFund me page.


Poor old Rex is given the boot. Can't say we didn't see it coming, but it's still something to talk about.


Trump is back making up stuff on Twitter (not exactly breaking news, but it passes the time)


And introducing...The Philosopher...we take a short trip to his garden and listen to his sage wisdom.


Also new...Just The Facts...today we look at the facts of violent crime in the USA. People are scared...should they be?


All music by Charlie In A Box.

9th March 2018 - James walks listeners through the changes that are happening at So This Happened. More of a preview than a real episode...but housekeeping is important too.

5th March 2018 - Apple is a dangerous place to work, Roy Moore is on Pedo Go Fund Me, Trump wants a trade war, and a robot could be making your burgers in the near future.